Maternal and neonatal care, growth and early stimulation

809,856 benefit women and babies
716,549 services provided by high-tech equipment donated to health centers in
12 states
30 maternal care networks

*In the first five years

Model that focuses on maternal and neonatal care, that works based on strategic alliances with state governments, public health institutions and the private sector; it creates health care networks that span from the communities to high specialty hospitals.

To keep those networks connected, AMANECE ™ uses remote access technological tools such as:

AmaneceNet: Application for the timely detection of risks during pregnancy, aimed for its use by midwives and community personnel.

Si-Va Amanece: Valuation system based on physical exploration, laboratory tests, medical history and family background.

Mi Bebe ™ remote fetal monitoring system: Developed in alliance with the West Health Institute to monitor high risk pregnancies.


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