• Tutors, pillars in the development of research.
  • It has been granted more than 12,000 scholarships over the past seven years

Carlos Slim Foundation granted 100 scholarships during an event held at the General HospitalDr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez’ to continue boosting research growth in Mexico.

In Carlos Slim Foundation, we are working in different areas. However, health is a very sensitive subject for us, as is one of the pillars for human development,” said Ricardo Mujica, Executive Director of the Foundation. He added that the Foundation has several scholarship programs that help improve the lives of all the population and grow as a country.

During the last seven years, Carlos Slim Foundation has granted more than 12,000 scholarships at different levels. However, the Scholarship for Research Promotion “is one of our favorites, because it is the way in which we can support the future of our country” said the Executive Director.

Mujica concluded his message by recognizing the work of tutors, because that work is transcendental to succeed for the benefit of all.

Dr. Mucio Moreno, Director of the General Hospital Dr. Manuel Gea, said that these events are very important for the development of the country. “Mexico is going through a difficult time; and events like the one held today are very significant. The civil society participation in such events will help Mexico to succeed”.

The podium included two other members of the General Hospital: Dr. Julio Sotelo, President of the Board, and Dr. Irma Jimenez Escobar, Medical Director.

The event concluded with the scholarship granting to the students.