11 Chikungunya el super dengue ya se presento en MexicoThe Ministry of Health of Chiapas reported that the outbreak of Chikungunya virus is controlled in the Istmo-Costa and Fronteriza regions of the state. It was also explained that until epidemiological week number 48, 74 cases of the disease have been recorded in seven municipalities.

During the fourth regular meeting of the State Board of Health (COESA), held last December 12, it was informed that Chikungunya virus is under control thanks to the timely activation of the Epidemiological Surveillance System.

Cecilio Culebro Castellanos, Chiapas’s Public Health Director, presented the Reinforcement Plan for Prevention and Control of Dengue and Chikungunya Virus. Moreover, he unveiled the strategy Tactical Approach for Continuous Action (ATAC), which is an alternative to deal with the diseases transmitted by vectors.

He also explained that the 74 Chikungunya virus cases were reported in the municipalities of Suchiate, Arriaga, Tapachula, Metapa Dominguez, Tonala, Frontera Hidalgo and Huixtla, regions where actions will be strengthened to control the transmission of this virus.

Francisco Javier Paniagua Morgan, Health Minister of Chiapas, said that Chikungunya virus is not lethal. However, as Chiapas is one of the main access routes for Central and South America immigrants, it is appropriate to maintain a control over the disease transmission.

Therefore, he mentioned that COESA’s challenges during the rest of the year and 2015 are maintaining surveillance of cases, ensuring medical care, strengthen health staff training, reinforce community participation in preventive actions, and promote and ensure healthy environments.

These actions will be carried out by the agency working jointly with municipalities. They will involve activities related to the elimination of breeding areas (water accumulations); larval control, through the use of powder insecticide into water tanks; and mosquito control, through indoors insecticide spraying, and terrestrial and aerial nebulization.

Paniagua Morgan advised citizens, in the case of presenting any of the various symptoms of the disease — which include fever associated with arthritis, back pain and headache — to go immediately to the nearest health center and avoid self-medication.

Source: Secretaría de Salud del Gobierno de Chiapas (Ministry of Health of Chiapas Government)