Some eye treatments via drops are inefficient because the liquid with the drug remains little time in the eyes, because the product almost immediately expelled through tears. For this reason, specialists from the School of Higher Studies Cuautitlán (FES-Cuautitlán) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) created contact lenses that disintegrate in minutes and gradually release the active ingredient.

This extends the time the eye is exposed to the active substance, favoring a quick recovery. The drug is added to the lens during their manufacture, said Dr. José Juan Escobar Chavez, UNAM researcher at the FES-Cuautitlán Multidisciplinary Research Unit. The lenses are made with biodegradable polymers to be friendly to the mucosa of the eye, he added.

A first version of these lenses is designed to cure uveitis, which can lead to blindness, if the condition is not treated properly. The disease occurs when the uvea (the middle layer of the eye) becomes inflamed. Some of its symptoms are burning or itching, redness and tearing.

The origin of uveitis is multifactorial, because it can be caused by pollution, excessive exposure to the screens of mobile devices, or other diseases.

FES-Cuautitlán will begin shortly the procedures to patent this technology in order to launch it into market, Escobar Chavez said.

This project has been funded entirely with institutional resources and was recently awarded the third place in the CANIFARMA Awards in the category of Technological Innovation.


Source: La Jornada