5 El reto de bajar de peso a una nacion

Few Mexican Doctors have appeared that much in the United States media as Ariel Ortiz. He runs a successful clinic specialized in weight management, called Obesity Control Center (OCC); which successfully serves American clients.

While the clinic has offered excellent services for 13 years, the smart appearance of Ortiz has helped him to appear on TV shows, such as Opera Winfrey, Fox News, and The Doctors; also in magazines as Newsweek.

Nevertheless, beyond the success of his business, Ortiz concerns are about his fellow citizens. “My biggest concern is that Mexico is the most obese country in the world and no one is making programmes to modify this during childhood and adolescence.”

In 2012, helped by Mexico-United States Science Foundation (FUMEC), said: “wait, the country with more obesity worldwide is Mexico, not United States” and recalls, “then we realised that we greatly need for weight management services and it is an issue poorly served.”

Now days, one of the priorities of OCC is to expand its clinical work in Mexico. As a support, FUMEC has helped analysing the infrastructure and equipment, with the aim to get a certification from the General Health Council.  This will allow the clinic to compete with the best hospitals in the country and operate in cities such as Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Another line of Ortiz work is the use of Obalon, a patented method to lose weight without surgery. It is a capsule that expands when enters in the stomach, occupying the space that was usually filled with food.

In addition, the company developed a smartphone app that facilitates patients monitoring, tracking their food, signs and any symptom; offering recommendations. Brand Vitaleph food supplements constitute another line of his work. They help to prevent malnutrition of patients.

Although the most ambitious project of OCC is an educational programme based on video content and social networking; which proposes a change in dietary habits in overweighed Mexican population. To achieve this goal, the company has set a recording studio that is already working.

“Before meeting FUMEC we saw ourselves as a company of bariatric surgery and today we see ourselves as a company that educates a nation and fight the number one disease in the country”, said Ortiz.


Source: invdes.com.mx