15 Empresa mexicana formula antivenenos y los comercializa con exito

With a world’s unique technology, Bioclon Silanes develops, synthesises and markets antivenin against scorpion stings, spider or snake bites.

Currently, the Mexican company markets five products in the country; two antivenins for snake bite; two more for different types of arachnid bite; and one last against scorpion stings.

In 2009, this company contacted TechBA Madrid with the view to expand its operations in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Since then they have worked together to develop its business plan and creating a supporting allies network to market its products.

Bioclon is aware that their products are not for mass consumption. “We cover niche markets in Europe. In this moment we sell antivenins to some zoos. They purchase the product and keep it in case they need it; but they no longer require it again until is used or expires” says Walter Garcia, Bioclon Deputy Medical Director of Biotechnology Research.

Being so small their pool of potential customers, the company has needed to narrow their search to find more customers in an effective way; and this is where TechBa has beneficially helped.

“We conceive two business plans with TechBA: The first is a specific product against venom of native European snakes, currently in development; the second is to identify new clients in this continent and market our products. Also, we worked with TechBA to do a market study for North African Countries, with a special focus in Morocco” Garcia said.

However, bring to the market a new drug always takes time. “Our development processes are very long, sometimes they have taken 10 years to materialize. Also, registration and regulatory processes are very time consuming” explained Garcia.

This is why one of the mid-term challenges, which the company has to face, is meeting with regulatory requirements in those African and European countries; where they are looking to market their products. “We have to fulfil local regulation, which is usually quite complicated; and that is our biggest challenge” finished Garcia.

Nevertheless, the company is optimistic, as it has a unique global technology and sufficient experience in the international market. Therefore, they trust that Bioclon has what is needed to take their products to the countries that may require them.


Source: www.invdes.com.mx