We previously published an article about the development of EVA, an intelligent bra of Mexican design that detects breast cancer. Now, Eva has been launched into the market with a cost of US$120. The first five thousand items will be sold through a platform called evabra.mx platform, according to its creator, Julian Rios Cantu.

Rios Cantu, student at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, who had drawn the attention of national and international media for this innovation, launched the platform so women can access the product.

During the presentation in Mexico City, the 18 year old explained that EVA consists of cups with artificial intelligence sensors. Once they are in contact with the breasts, they measure the behavior of blood and how it flows through the breast tissue.

The device is placed once a week for about 60 to 70 minutes without interruption, and sends the collected data to an app downloadable to a smartphone. In case of finding any irregularities, it requests a diagnosis by the doctor assigned by the user, or a doctor provided by the platform.

He said that the development took more than two years with an investment of “several million pesos” received through various grants. He said recover the investment is not the goal in this first stage, but gather more data to improve detection algorithms for different pathologies.

Rios Cantu said EVA has many strategic partners ranging from enterprises, associations, private hospitals and public agencies such as the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Rios Cantu, founder of the company Higia Technologies, said in the coming years public institutions could distribute the devices to their patients.

In addition to Mexico, the smart bra is tested in other countries like Spain, Colombia, China and the United States, for its future commercialization.


Source: Agencia ID