Respiratory diseases affect the nasal airways, bronchi and lungs and represent a burden to public health in Latin America. Now students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) created a product called Esenza, a medical face mask with eucalyptus and thyme capable of reducing the symptoms of these diseases.

The students of the Center for Scientific and Technological Studies (CECyT) 14 ‘Luis Enrique Erro’ designed and developed a eucalyptus and thyme- based mask to clear patients’ airways. The essences of these medicinal plants relieve sore throat and cough, as well as decongest, control the fever and improve allergies and flu.

The prototype face mask is used for 24 hours and is reusable, after washing it. This is innovative compared to conventional ones that cannot be used more than two hours because bacteria and viruses accumulate.

Esenza was created by the students Angelica Aguilar Calderon, Andrea Flores Couoh, Jose Hazel Hernandez Méndez and Luis Enrique Sánchez Sáenz. They explained that their innovation does not replace medical treatments, as its purpose is to offer a natural alternative to be used preventively or used during respiratory disease to help alleviate some symptoms.

The packaging contains three masks with six essences, an antibacterial gel and a booklet explaining each of the properties of the essences and diseases that can be prevented and alleviated using them. In addition, the product has a special line for children with the same effect, but the designs are fit to size and physiognomy.


Source: La Jornada