Motivated to help people with diabetes, Javier Larragoiti, Isabella Fernández and Lorena Pedraza developed a sugar substitute (Xilinat) produced from corn residues that helps regulate glucose levels.

The project, winner of the INC Accelerator pitch competition in the 2018 INCmty, the Entrepreneurship Festival of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, has also been recognized internationally with different awards that recognize innovations with a social approach of high impact.

In one hand, the production of this product supports the economy of small-scale farmers by buying shelled corn cobs, which are usually burn realeasing tons of CO2 in the environment; and on the other, it positively impacts the health of sugar consumers, as it has 40% less calories than regular sugar.

The strategy of entrepreneurs has been raising capital with their own resources and through awards. The plan is scale their production until reaching a pre-industrial stage, in order to be able to build their own plant.

We were among entrepreneurs who do not believe in the value of being pitching in several places. One of the benefits of the contests are the prizes; but the most important thing is all those people who are watching you, whether investors, promoters of your project, potential clients for distribution; and that is the true value that INCmty gave us,” he said.


Source: Agencia ID