A research promoted by the Center for Transdisciplinary Research in Psychology (CITPsi), of the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM), Mexico, seeks to identify the emotional responses of mothers and the bond with their babies.

This is the study on maternal mental health and maternal-infant bond included a sample of mothers from the State of Morelos, which includes evaluations to analyze the interaction between mothers and their babies.

The project is aimed at mothers who have babies between one and six months of age, and consist of evaluating their adaptation in the postpartum process and reaction to pregnancy, explained Bruma Palacios Hernández, coordinator of this program.

The research also studies the care provided to the newborn baby, to provide an evaluation in terms of mental health regarding the quality of their interaction, which contributes to the welfare of the mother, the baby and the family in general.

In a statement from the UAEM, Palacios Hernández mentioned that the evaluations take place at the CITPsi facilities. However, those volunteers who cannot move can be visited at home.

Within the project there are specific issues that have been included in the study; such as the evaluation after the earthquake of September 19, 2017, which will determine if that event had an impact on the mental health of the mothers, and if it could be reflected in the bond with their babies, explained María Fernanda Bautista Bello, a psychologist participating in this study.

We believe that this issue is important because research has shown that the quality of a mother’s relationship with her baby during the first year of life, particularly the first six months, reflects the quality of the development of the child’s long-term psychosocial well-being,” Bautista Bello said.


Source: Notimex