A team of three researchers from the FEMSA Biotechnology Center of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), created a medical treatment for rapid healing, which will improve the lives of people with diabetes.

The private educational institution noted, on its website, that more than five million people in the world die every year from external wounds and their complications; and in people with diabetes rates increase, as healing is slower.

This research is particularly relevant for a country like Mexico, where diabetes is the second cause of death. Cuauhtémoc Licona, José Manuel Aguilar and Exatec Jorge Carrasco took on the task of creating a cream that allows a faster healing of this type of wounds and thus improve the quality of life of patients or even save their lives, he said.

This innovative treatment, he noted, was already made available to the public through the health services of Oaxaca, with 300 samples that were created through the company Scicore Medical.

Carrasco, creator of Scicore and recently graduated from a doctorate in Biotechnology, commented that “the product was developed with the aim of making it easy to apply, being effective, reducing costs; and we are thinking about the bulk of the population, it reaching the base of the pyramid.”

He said that they have been more than two years of work to create this treatment, and is now tested in Oaxaca thanks to the Femsa Foundation and the ITESM Biotechnology Center.

Licona, said that “what was executed was a pilot program, a pilot clinical study with patients from top-level clinics in Oaxaca to be able to apply the product and know what benefit it would have on different wounds“.

Now the researchers will seek that the distribution of the creams can be expanded to other states. Licona mentioned that there are currently three patents in process for the product.

I appreciate the confidence of the Health Services in the entity [Oaxaca] to make this technological innovation available, which will improve the quality of life of those who use it,” he said.

This achievement, he said, “allows the Tecnológico de Monterrey [ITESM] demonstrating that it seeks to impact society through the generation of knowledge.”


Source: Notimex