The Medicus Mundi network is a private non-profit organization which mission is to help ensuring the right to health. It was founded in Spain in 1963, while his legal representation in Bolivia began operations in 1989.

Medicus Mundi Bolivia, through the “Transformation of Public Health Systems through the Principles of Primary Health Care (PHC)” program, has improved coverage and equitable access to the health of Bolivian, Guatemalan and Peruvian populations. They have worked hand by hand with the Ministries of Health of each country, ensuring the right to health since the first care level to rural and indigenous communities, traditionally marginalized from public services.

To this end the organization works in the reorganization of the first care level through territorial zoning. Each zone counting with a local professional team; which provide a continuum care, through the development of three programs: individual, family and community. The strategy allows the approximation primary care units. In those are operationalized effectively and efficiently all national health programs’ priorities and standards, including health prevention and promotion actions.

The goal is to solve health problems and conditions historically neglected, while still responding to national health priorities. The intervention performance impact is above national standards and indicators, based on the results of the pilot zones; which have shown being qualitatively and quantitatively superior to other areas of their country.

The organization is open to general and organized civil societies’ participation; creating partnerships that promote an effective participation of developing communities in the dynamics of the social, political and development decisions affecting them. Also, emphasizing the mutual responsibility between the parties, promoting in this way a solidarity culture.

medicus_mundiGiven the difficulties of operation of the Epidemiological Surveillance Systems, poor culture of analysis and the lack of appropriate and valuable information, Medicus Mundi promotes health surveillance integrated in care activities and developed in primary care, backed by a digital system that provides opportune and good quality information.

Finally, regarding the gender and intercultural approaches, the program achieves its realization in its organizational level and program strategy; through tools and instruments for its implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Medicus Mundi has received numerous awards and recognitions and enjoys a close relationship with world-class institutions such as the Pan American Health Organization, the Andean Health Agency and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.




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