Mesoamerican Health 2015

Alliance for Latin American Health

 142 million US dollars fund

A target of 121 municipalities in 7 Mesoamerican Countries, including southern Mexico

A beneficiary population of 964,941 women and 646,149children under a 5 years goal

THE INITIATIVE WAS LAUNCHED IN ALLIANCE with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Spanish Government, the Inter-American Development Bank and the regional governments in 2011. This program intends to help Mexico and the rest of Mesoamerica to reach the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, specifically in:

  REDUCING maternal and child mortality.

  IMPROVING nutrition.

  CONTROLLING dengue fever and malaria.

  REDUCING the marginalization indexes by reinforcing health services and investment in human resources.

  INCREASING vaccination coverage, provide health units with cutting-edge medical equipment and strengthen health information systems.

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