Students at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) created a rehydration drink for a diabetic that allows them to recover the electrolytes through sweat due to high levels of glucose in the blood.

The drink, called Rehidrafresc, is made from on extracts of jamaica flower (hibiscus), strawberry and moringa, a plant of Hindu origin with hypoglycemic properties that help regulate the level of glucose in the blood, the IPN informed in a statement.

The students behind this drink are Elliot Botello Monsivais, Veronica Fernanda Guillermo Daza, Itati Leticia Gutierrez Arteaga, Miguel Angel Olivos Ramirez and Elide Sanchez Marquez.

These young people said drinks and serums on the market are not suitable for people with diabetes. Rehidrafresc will be distributed for commercial purposes and they expect to gain a market as it is “an innovative product”.  For this, it was suggested for the IPN Center of Incubation of Companies of Technological Base, with the purpose of creating a micro-enterprise to commercialize it.

Mexico declared an epidemiological emergency due to diabetes in November 2016, with a record of 98,450 deaths caused by this disease in 2015.


Source: Agencia ID