Latin American Diploma in Vaccinology (DILAVAC)

This is a distance learning program, which contributes to the professionalization of the personnel operating vaccination programs.

  • Aimed for health personnel and decision makers from the subnational and local levels, academics and researchers from the public and private sectors of the countries of Latin America.
  • Based on an effective and reliable virtual platform that streamlines communication, where health professionals operate services providing vaccines to the population.
  • It is a flexible platform that easily adapts to the time availability of participants.
  • The program shares with students, the complexities inherent in the development, introduction, distribution and application of vaccines, in order to maximize the impact of these tools of public health.


  • The course is taught through the distance learning portal of the Carlos Slim Health Institute in
  • With the participation of more than 25 teachers and opinion leaders in their own specialty fields, recognized internationally.
  • Lessons are presented in video format, each accompanied by an introduction and further readings. Accurate information, based on the latest scientific evidence, is provided in all cases.
  • Each module has an interactive section to promote the consolidation of acquired knowledge.
  • “Pregúntale a un Experto” (Ask an Expert) is a tool available for students to communicate and address their concerns with the speakers of each issue via email. It also has an online tutorial and an area of ​​frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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