The General Director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, IMSS), Zoé Robledo, recognized the extraordinary work of Carlos Slim Foundation in Mexico and the Central American region; an effort that unifies education and health to improve the lives of its inhabitants.

During the ceremony of the Carlos Slim Health Awards 2019, Zoé Robledo praised the altruistic work carried out by the Carlos Slim Foundation in its task of generating strategic alliances and as a catalyst for public policies. In association with public institutions, such as the IMSS and other organizations, Carlos Slim Foundation develops models of digital health for the entire population.

The Director General of the IMSS, accompanied by Engineer Carlos Slim Helú, President of the Carlos Slim Foundation, presented the Exceptional Institution Award. This year’s winner is the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies of Panama (Instituto Conmemorativo Gorgas de Estudios de la Salud de Panamá). The award was received by its director, Dr. Juan Pascual.

In addition, a special recognition was given to Dr. Guillermo Soberón Acevedo for his contributions to the Public Health of Mexico; Dr. Juan Rivera Dommarco and Dr. Adolfo Martínez Palomo were also awarded the Research Trajectory Award.


Source: IMSS