The water contained in the clouds does not contain salts, but it gets some when precipitated by rain. When it falls to the earth it begins a journey towards the sea, whether underground or superficial, increasing its mineral content; and according to the geographical area of ​​the planet, the concentration of these minerals will be greater or lesser and the liquid will have different characteristics.

The acidity or alkalinity is measured according to its pH or potential of hydrogen on a scale that goes from 1 to 14, where 1 is the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline. Pure water has a pH of 7, that is, neutral.

Solid and liquid foods that have an acidic pH slow down the metabolism, which can bring several health problems,” explains chemical engineer Alejandro Vargas, who for more than 25 years has devoted himself to the study of water and its benefits for health.

The cells need certain level of oxidation to degrade fats, it is a combustion process; and if the cells do not have oxygen to do it, they become acidic, increasing the probability of microorganisms affecting the body. If the combustion is correct, we do not increase our body mass and have better metabolism.

When the cells are too acidic they affect the functioning of some organs, for example, the pancreas which is responsible for balancing the alkalinity in the body. So in order to fulfill its mission, it has to work extra and leave aside the generation of insulin to regulate blood glucose levels. That’s where alkaline water comes into play, which pH is 7.4; let’s say a semi-alkaline level,” says the specialist.

According to the Vargas, in Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries, countless studies have been carried out that prove that by drinking alkaline water balances the functioning of the pancreas and therefore glucose levels.

It is not new in human knowledge that alkaline diets are more beneficial than acidic ones that are based on meat and man’s creations, such as flours and pastas.”

It is recommended to drink two liters of alkaline water per day, and can be used in the preparation of beverages or food, as it helps in the balance of alkalinity with food, for example coffee or pasta that are acidic in nature.


Source: Agencia ID