Care Networks for Maternal and Neonatal Health

926,459 women and babies have been benefited

716,549 services provided with high-tech equipment donated to health centers in14 Mexican states

90 Maternal Care Networks have been established

Model focused on maternal and neonatal care; operating through strategic alliances with state authorities, public and private health institutions. It establishes maternal health care networks formed by relevant participants, ranging from the communities to highly specialized hospitals.

  • AMANECE™ is specialized on maternal and neonatal care, as well as in baby’s growth and early stimulation.
  • Its objective is to reduce maternal and child mortality, aiming to align with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals
  • It works through developing networks to link the communities with highly specialized hospitals.
  • It is sustainable thanks to alliances created with state governments, as well as public and private health institutes.

To keep those networks connected, AMANECE™ develops remote access technological tools such as:


Application aimed to support the community and health staff to timely detecting risks during pregnancy.

Si-Va Amanece:

Evaluation system based on physical exploration, laboratory tests, medical history and family background.

Mi Bebé®:

Worldwide innovative, remote fetal monitoring system aimed for high risk pregnancies; developed in alliance with the West Health Institute.

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