Amanece Handbooks

Author/s: Maternal Health

Abstract: Maternal and Newborn Care, Growth and Stimulation (AMANECE), seeks to modify the causes of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality as well as provide adequate child health care.

Program: Maternal Health

Manuals for Health Professionals

Abstract: The Carlos Slim Foundation (CSF) has several strategies for the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative diseases (CDD’s); standing out actions on early detection, awareness and education on diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. These manuals are a guide for health care professionals for diagnosis and treatment of CDD's.

Program: Educational Health Communication


Abstract: Our challenge is generating evidence to document our solutions effectiveness and impact, so they can be replicable and can influence public policies; consolidating the CSHI as catalysts for change in health.

Program: Who we are?

Carlos Slim Health Award Memories

Abstract: As part of our mission in terms of human capital development and health research and practice recognition, we created the Carlos Slim Health Award in 2008; which seeks to recognize and encourage the work of health professionals.

Program: Award

Healthy Home

Author/s: Carlos Slim Health Institute

Abstract: This publications aims to promote hygiene habits, ecological sustainability and social development.

Program: Healthy Home

Innovation in Primary Prevention: Development of Preventive Cardiovascular Polypill

Author/s: Commission for the Development of Cardiovascular Preventive Polypill in Latin America.

Abstract: The polypill should include proven-benefit drugs to reduce ischemic events. They must have a low cost of production and sale and their intake has to be simple, so that a daily intake can be sufficient.

Program: Casalud


Author/s: Carlos Slim Health Institute

Abstract: Researchs that aims to reinforce and accelerate genomics research capacity in Mexico.

Program: Genomics


Author/s: Carlos Slim Health Institute

Abstract: This initiative is a cutting-edge research project to reduce the immunologic lag and reinforce the development and production of vaccines against poverty-related diseases in the region.

Program: Genomics
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