Educational Health Communication

Creating Health Awareness

5,000,000 visits to CLIKISalud®

30,535 ‘Manuales Tu Salud’ (Your Health Handbooks) distributed

THIS PROGRAM PROMOTES SELF CARE and the adoption of healthy lifestyles through materials and technological tools, simplifying the work of parents, teachers and health promoters. The health handbooks MANUALES TU SALUD and the website CLIKISALUD are the more significant.

CLIKISALUD is a website that allows its users accessing to evidence-supported information. It incorporates interactive activities, advices, and innovative approaches on topics like nutrition, chronic diseases, maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, addictions, autism, among others. This website also includes the content of ‘Manuales tu Salud’.

MANUALES TU SALUD are clear, concise and accessible handbooks that collect all the information needed about everyday health care basics, organized by age group

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