ebolaWhile Mexico is one of the countries in which has not yet recorded outbreaks of the Ebola virus, it has the infrastructure needed to deal with a possible case of the disease. According with the Federal Ministry of Health, there are high security hospitals, diagnostic capacity and trained staff that would be required to provide health care to an Ebola-infected patient.

The Institute of Diagnosis and Epidemiological Reference (InDRE) is a Mexican governmental organization specialized in the prevention and control of various diseases that could have serious impacts on the population’s health; with the capacity to confirm a possible case of Ebola virus infection. The institute has the most modern and largest laboratories complex in Latin America, generating quality material. It also coordinates the National Network of Public Health Laboratories, providing strategic information for decision-making to protect Mexican’s health.

As part of the prevention strategies against a possible Ebola outbreak in the Mexico, it was carried out the theoretical and practical course: ‘Care of Ebola Virus Disease Cases’ that was attended by more than 100 health professionals in the country.

The National Center for Burns Research and Treatment (CENIAQ), from the National Institute for Rehabilitation, was designated to handle any possible Ebola case, as their facilities have the optimum characteristics to perform this task.

The CENIAQ has 12 cubicles perfectly isolated, restricted only to personnel directly involved in the patient’s care. Each one has an independent and isolated air ventilation system, avoiding air mixing with other areas of the building and the exterior.

In addition to the infrastructure and expertise, the Ministry of Health has the sufficient amount of protective equipment for their staff; so that, if necessary, it could be distributed in all the hospitals dealing with an Ebola outbreak.

Furthermore, the Mexican health authorities have surveillance protocols and manuals for patient’s clinical care in such case.

Through: Secretaría de Salud (Mexican Minister of Health)