A person, who voluntarily donates their organs when they are no longer needed, can save up to seven lives. The organs suitable for donation are: heart, kidneys, corneas, liver, and marrow.

In Mexico, only 20% of the completed transplants are performed through an after living organ donation; since there are only 2.8 donors per million inhabitants. Therefore, it is necessary to promote an after living organ donation culture, while maintaining transparency in organs distribution and fighting myths regarding transplants.

Heroes for Life

An after living donor can save up to seven persons’ lives.

  • ‘Heroes for Life’ is a campaign that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. In this way, we are aiming to increase the number of people who choose to volunteer as organ and tissue donors.
  • We work with opinion leaders, who have decided to volunteer as organ donors. By them signing their donor’s credentials, we hope inspiring others, raising awareness among society and reminding the public that ‘without a donor there is no transplant’.

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