According to the Report of the Spanish National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, 43.4% of drivers who died in traffic accidents last year had consumed alcohol, drugs or psychotropic drugs. More surprisingly, the study also concludes that 52.7% of pedestrians killed in accidents tested positive for psychotropic drugs, mainly sleep medications.

The general director of Traffic (DGT) in Spain, Pere Navarro, has taken advantage of the presentation of the study to demand that doctors put more emphasis on the implications of the consumption of psychotropic drugs in road safety, when prescribing medications.

In figures

Specifically, the report includes 751 cases of deaths (535 drivers, 143 pedestrians and 73 companions), which are not all fatalities due to traffic accidents, but a representative sample. Of the deceased drivers, 43.4% were positive in alcohol, drugs or psychotropic drugs and of them, 94.4% were men, the majority (65%) between 25 and 54 years.

By type of substance, alcohol was the most frequent substance, with 61% of positive cases among deceased drivers (70% of them with BAC above 1.2 g / l), but the data on drugs were also high (44%) and at least 25% had also used psychotropic drugs. Among the drugs, the most frequent substance was cannabis (59%), followed by cocaine (51%). Looking back over a decade ago, the number of deceased drivers who had consumed alcohol have fall, opposite to the growth of those who had used drugs, especially cannabis and cocaine.

Regarding the pedestrians killed in an accident, the study estimates that 67% were men and 34% were over 50 years old. Alcohol consumption was present in 45% and drugs present in 21% of those who tested positive. The DGT is particularly concerned about the high percentage of those who had consumed psychiatric drugs, which exceeded 52% of pedestrians killed.


Source: Correo Farmacéutico