Innovative Technologies

We developed innovative solutions that use the technologies able to bring closer medical care to the people and their families, such as internet and cell phones.

  • Digital Portfolio virtual doctor’s office assistant with tools that reinforce maternal health care quality, early detection of chronic diseases and disease prevention by age group. In partnership with the National Health Sector, it promotes the Clinical Practice Guidelines efficient use.


  • CLIKISalud educational communication web portal that promotes prevention and self-health care through interactive and playful communication strategies.


  • Vive SanoNet internet/cellphone application that has useful tools for early detection of major chronic diseases and gives orientation to change and improve lifestyles.


  • Diabediario interactive application that provides people, living with Diabetes Mellitus Type II, with tools to gain control over their disease. This is done through educational content, everyday applicable tips and helping the patient to track their blood sugar.

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