atencion-primer-nivelParticipants at the roundtable Primary health care in Mexico: Where are we?, organized by the Faculty of Medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), agree that a first class medical care is needed and this will be achieved through a solid and efficient health care, with a preventive focus.

At the roundtable former UNAM Rector and current Director of the UNAM’s Seminar on Medicine and Health, Octavio Rivero Serrano, participated. He said that the Mexican State has the constitutional obligation to ensure medical care and provide freely and opportunely drugs and medical tools, in addition of doing consistent efforts on prevention and education.

Rivero Serrano said that to cope with the increase in chronic degenerative diseases and the growing average age of the population, the government should invest more resources in health care.

Sara Uriega, representative of the Ministry of Health, recognized the necessity to strengthen public services to meet the needs of society and to ensure the citizens’ right to health access.

In turn, Victor Hugo Borja Aburto, from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) pointed out that the need for primary care has to be continuous and coordinated, in order to the successfully conduct healing, prevention and rehabilitation works. Borja Aburto said that to achieve this is necessary to modify the current model; which would include the promotion of multidisciplinary teams, increasing the quality of disease prevention and self-care, plus promoting healthy lifestyles.

Margarita Blanco Cornejo, from the Institute of Security and Social Services of the State Workers (ISSSTE), said that comprehensive care is composed of vitally important factors; which are: the preventive phase, early diagnosis, treatment of diseases and addressing patient’s family.

Blanco explained that the multidisciplinary coordination is necessary, and recalled that campaigns such as those focused on vaccination, performing neonatal screening and reproductive health have been successful thanks to the joint work of specialists in different fields.

Through: DGCS UNAM