jornadas-salud-guerreroThe Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) released a report about ‘Health Days’, which were performed under the ‘New Guerrero Plan’. The report was presented during the closing ceremony of Medical Surgical Gynecologic Oncology Meeting in Guerrero’s municipality Ayutla de los Libres. The event was held through the Mobile Medical Units (MMU) and the ‘IMSS-Prosper’ program.

In compliance with the commitments announced by the Ministry of Social Development of Mexico (SEDESOL), 133 IMSS’s medical staff members gave 1,536 medical consultations to women in the municipalities of Ayutla, Tecoanapa, Ometepec, Acapulco, San Marcos Xochistlahuaca, Cuautepec and Juan R. Escudero.

Azuara Frinné Yarzábal, head of IMSS-Prospera Unit, reported that throughout this comprehensive care there were performed 1,347 Pap tests, 1,536 colposcopy consultations, 221 therapeutic procedures, 121 mammograms, 96 breast ultrasounds and 9 mammary cytological examinations. Furthermore, 164 cases of premalignant lesions, 16 benign tumors and two cases of breast cancer were detected.

Javier Guerrero Garcia, SEDESOL’s Sub Minister for Community Development and Social Participation and coordinator of the New Guerrero Plan, said that these developments are the result of a joint effort between the agency and state authorities, as well as the municipal authorities of the towns that are visited periodically by Mobile Medical Units.

Nuvia Mayorga Delgado, head of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI), said health access is the cornerstone of development. This is why, she said, the Commission has taken steps aimed at timely prevention and attention of major diseases affecting indigenous women from Guerrero.


Through: IMSS