A group of Mexican students developed a sorbet that controls and slows the absorption of blood glucose, particularly beneficial for those patients who have type II diabetes mellitus.  The sorbet contains gum from flamboyant tree, which according to the literature has positive effects in delaying the absorption of capillary blood glucose. The project won the 1st place at the 10th National Research Congress of the Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), held at Puebla Campus.

Besides its health benefits, students Norman Verdi and Jonatan Velásquez sought a well-accepted product, so they performed tasting and sensory tests in 83 volunteers. It had an acceptance of almost 79%, there were no comments that indicated that the flavor or texture of the flamboyan gum was noticed. The only comments were that the sorbet lacked a bit of sweetness, and that it could have some other added flavors to it, they said.

The researchers tested 12 individuals with glucometers. The participants were tested first on an empty stomach (they were given a 100 gram portion of the sorbet). Then, they were tested again after 15, 30, 45, 60, 120 and 180 minutes.

Those who consumed the sorbet with added flamboyan gum had a significant glucose control; in comparison, those who consume the sorbet without the gum presented glucose peaks.


Source: Agencia ID