Specialists from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) managed to reconstruct the skull of a high-performance athlete who recovered from the vegetative state in which he was left after suffering a head injury.

In a statement, the institution reported that Víctor Miguel Hernández Maldonado was hit by a motorist while riding his bicycle, which left him in a wheelchair and without the possibility of recognizing his closest loved ones.

The doctors performed a decompressive craniotomy. Dr. Teresa López, a neurosurgeon at Regional General Hospital number 2, said that the procedure served to remove a large amount of bone from the skull to make a space in that area and prevent the intracranial pressure, caused by the suffered trauma, compress the brain more.

Subsequently, Hernández Maldonado, doctor on applied mathematics, underwent craniofacial reconstruction surgery and a three-dimensional and personalized prosthesis was designed to replace the loss of bone caused by craniotomy.

These prostheses created through three-dimensional models, said the specialist, are always built to the needs of each patient and various materials are used.

According to the specialist, after this procedure the brain is able to reoccupy the cranial space and with it the patient can gradually recover the motor, language and congnitive functions.

Meanwhile, Miguel Ángel González de Santiago, a maxillofacial surgeon at the hospital, said that the patient has progressed satisfactorily, has regained mobility and has been able to return to work.

The patient says he remembers few things about the accident but that “thanks to the quality of the protective helmet” his “head did not suffer major damage“.


Source: Agencia ID