Mobile technology against obesity and diabetes in MexicoThe Federal Ministry of Health, foundations and companies analyze the use of mobile devices to prevent diseases such as obesity and diabetes in Mexico, International Director for Global Government & Public Affairs at the headquarters of Alcatel-Lucent, Florence Gaudry-Perkins said.

Gaudry-Perkins said in an interview with Notimex that the initiative is using smartphones, tablets and bracelets, among other mobile devices, to bring population health applications.

Some of these mobile applications now allow measuring glucose levels, they also remind the patient when to take their medication and others give nutrition advice, said the executive.

Because there are 400 thousand diabetes applications in the market, companies and Mexican authorities analyze if they should use some of those existing with adjustments to the country’s situation, or if it is necessary to develop new ones, said Gaudry-Perkins.

In this initiative, Fundación Mídete (Measure yourself Foundation), the Carlos Slim Foundation, as well as the companies Sanofi, Peña Verde, Qualcomm and BUPA, are participating. They have been working for five months in the new plan to help the national strategy against obesity and diabetes established by the government.

It is estimated that there are ten million people with diabetes in Mexico, of which five million are undiagnosed. Mobile devises would be helpful to detect these cases, she said.

She said that this plan was preceded by a project performed by Alcatel-Lucent, along with other partners such as the World Health Organization (WHO), in Senegal, where diabetes has become an epidemic.


Source: Notimex