Wasp venom has proven very effective in attacking cancer cells without damaging healthy cells, according to a study by the State University of Sao Paulo and the University of Leeds.

According the research, published in Biophysical Journal, the venom of the Polybia paulista wasp originating in Brazil, helps curb the appearance of malignant cells in prostate, bladder and leukemia cancers.

The researchers found that the venom of this Brazilian wasp only attacks the malignant cells, as it adheres to these that contain an excess of lipids. However, still don’t know why this poison only attacks the malignant cells.

The theory suggests that the properties of cancer cells are what make the difference, because phospholipids are found in the outer membrane, which there are also found in healthy cells but in the inner membrane.

In the research they noticed that the wasp venom was capable of breaking the membranes of cancer cells, which could mean a great advance in the search for drugs and treatments that attack cancer more effectively, without affecting healthy cells and organs.


Source: Agencia ID