dolorDr. Silvia Allende Perez, Head of the Palliative Care Service at the National Cancer Institute (INCAN), part of the Ministry of Health, said during a press conference that the pain is a condition suffered for around 28 million people in Mexico, meaning that one in four people has this condition. This health problem, she said, generates high costs for workplaces, families and social security systems.

The doctor explained that pain is defined as a sensation of physical and emotional suffering that can vary in intensity, and which “may present accompanied by actual or potential harm the patient.”

The specialist added that to improve patient’s quality of life is necessary alleviating such suffering and any other symptoms associated with diseases that impair the patient; therefore, it is necessary to count with sufficient drugs and supplies for that purpose.

In this regard, the Medical Director of Mundipharma-Mexico, Consuelo Gutiérrez, unveiled a drug based on oxycodone, which has a formulation technology designed to prevent abuse of this product.

This medication is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It will be distributed in pharmacies from this month and can only be acquired with the presentation of a prescription made by a specialist.

Mundipharma is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1952, best known in the US as Purdue Pharm. Since three years ago, it is in an expansion process into emerging countries. The company was originally oriented to antiseptics, but later it became a pain drug specialist. It has presence in over 28 countries and generates annual revenues of about six billion dollars.

Mexico is the third country in Latin America in which the company has ventured, beginning operations last summer.

 Source: Notimex, El Universal