30-El-Centro-de-Diabetes-Joslin-y-el-Instituto-Carlos-Slim-de-la-Salud-anuncian-alianzaThe General Hospital of Mexico (HGM) ‘Dr. Eduardo Liceaga’ opened the Comprehensive Care Clinic for Patients with Diabetes and Obesity, to provide early diagnosis and adequate control of these diseases. These actions are key factors to prevent or delay complications of diabetes for up to 30 years. The clinic has the capacity to care for 40 patients daily.

Cesar Athie Gutierrez, General Director of the HGM, launched this unit and appointed Dr. Alfredo Servin Caamaño as its coordinator. Servin will direct the team of medical professionals that will give comprehensive care to patients with diabetes and obesity problems.

The new unit coordinator announced that the clinic will receive newly diagnosed patients, since the objective is to prevent the development of complications such as retinopathy, chronic renal failure and diabetic foot; through a multidisciplinary composed of specialized doctors, nutritionists and psychologists.

“The greatest benefits that can be granted to patients are those in which the disease has not left an irreversible trace, in whom we can influence and provide a good quality of life,” he said.

Athie Gutierrez said that diabetes was the second cause of outpatient visits at this institution, recording about 26,000 cases annually. He also expressed that attention to complications from diabetes resulted in approximately 7,500 hospitalizations, and 19,000 surgical procedures such as hemodialysis, photocoagulation, and fluorangiography.

Due to this situation and in compliance with the provisions of the National Health Plan, which establishes diabetes and obesity as priority diseases, this clinic was created to provide adequate control and disease management through three main areas: medical, nutritional and psychological care.

HGM’s General Director added that one of the tasks of the unit will be preventive medicine, as its staff will work with patients and their families for changing lifestyles, and promoting physical activity and healthy eating.

Finally, Dr. Athie Gutierrez said that this hospital is a pioneer in implementing prevention programs, such as the Patient University, which aims to educate users about their condition to share this information with their family members and coworkers.

SourceSecretaría de Salud