Source: Agencia ID

Source: Agencia ID

This year more than 800 young entrepreneurs in science and technology from 74 countries participated in the contest Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) led by the US Department of State, from whom 74 contestants reached the semifinal.

Carlos Bernal, one of the semifinalists, is competing in the health category with a glucose sensor in the urine called GlucosAlarm. The sensor is placed on the toilet and sends glucose measurement to the patient’s smartphone; and can alert family members or doctor, if levels are dangerously high.

Diabetes is a worrying and growing problem for public health systems in the world. There are more than 12 million diagnosed diabetics in Mexico and around 382 Million worldwide. Furthermore, according with the World Health Organization, this number will grow 55% by 2035 to almost 600 million.

Bernal explains that patient’s diet is a key factor to control diabetes; however, it is complicated to establish the ideal nutrition plan due to three factors: “Bad food” is cheap and easy to acquire; nutrimental facts are hard to understand and can be misleading; and as each body reacts differently, food can have different results in different people. By testing continuously, patients can learn what foods cause spikes and what foods cause cravings and adjust their diet and behaviors.

However, he added, the most important problem with this approach is achieving significant data quantities, which means testing up to eight times a day, and current testing methods are painful, complicated and expensive.

To simplify the current process of measuring glucose in the body and seeking to improve the quality of life of diabetic patients, we have developed a different way of measurement.  Our device offers the advantage of being painless, user-friendly, App-enabled and it´s half the cost of the current method,” said Bernal

Thirty finalists will be chosen by audience voting, open worldwide until June 11. People can vote once a day for only one contestant. Anyone can vote using their email or Facebook accounts, at GIST webpage


Source: Agencia ID, GIST Network