Green Cockscomb is a succulent plant that you probably have in your garden. Researchers at the National Polytechnic Institute and the National School of Biological Sciences, Rafael Silva Torres and Delfina Ramos Zamora, managed to isolate a spermicidal ingredient from this plan that works as a natural contraceptive method.

Thanks to the research of more than 15 years today we know that one of the organic components of the Sedum praealtum (Green Cockscomb) is 100% effective in preventing fertilization of fertile eggs.

Until recently, Silva Torres said, in more than 100 countries spermicides based on a substance called nonoxynol 9 were used, but due to its adverse side effects it was withdrawn from the market. The effectiveness of these products were only 70% and they caused irritation in the vaginal mucosa resulting in injuries that increased the risk of sexual transmitted diseases, he added.

Preclinical trials in rats showed effectiveness and no side effects. The researchers hope that a company decides to support them to continue with their research, which is now in clinical trials, so it can be commercialized.


Source: Agencia ID