enfermeraAccording to a study published by the journal Health Environments Research and Design, exposure to natural light may be a factor that benefits the health and mood of the people who provide nursing care, which could result in improved safety and care for patients.

Researchers at Cornell University found that nurses who worked in a place where there was natural light had a much lower blood pressure, had a much more frequent communication with colleagues, laugh more and have a better mood when interacting with patients than those who worked under artificial light.

Previous research has found that access to natural daylight and views produce mental and physical benefits in people. Having natural light could help those who provide health care to cope with sleepiness and stay alert during long shifts, said Rana Zadeh, assistant professor of Design and Environmental Analysis and study author.

The work environment of nurses can be very intense and stressful due to the nature of their work in which “save lives and face complications every day,” Zadeh said through a press release from Cornell University. For this reason, she said, the sense of humor and good mood are essential in this profession.

“As a nurse, it’s an art to keep your smile – which helps ensure an excellent connection to patients. A smart and affordable way to bring positive mood – and laughter – into the workplace, is designing the right workspace for it,” said the researcher.

Finally, Zadeh considered that in the spaces, in which it is not possible to have natural light, it is necessary a design in which the artificial light contributes with emotional benefits and job performance.

Via: Health Library